Sen. Rand Paul and Donald Trump Agree – Dangerous To Oust Assad

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According to the Washington Times, GOP potential 2016 presidential nominee Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voiced his opinion on the united States militarily removing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power.  Interestingly enough, Donald Trump shares Paul’s concern.  Both have voiced concerns over removing Assad.  The WT believes the “question over how to handle the Syrian leader has emerged as a clear dividing line in the Republican nomination contest.”

The concern over Obama’s “itch” to get into Syria emerged with me some time ago.  It was one that prompted several articles especially when Obama wanted to “fire a shot across the bow” because it was alleged that Assad used chemical weapons against “rebel forces.”  At one time, the term “Free Syrian Army” was used as a designation for the supposed rebels.  The term is seldom used anymore as the Obama administration has admitted that all but four or five remain after the US trained them.  The “rebels” have now joined ISIS, according to what the administration has said.

Even the article yesterday, “Obama Administration Refuses to Bomb Known Islamic State Propaganda Locations – Here’s Why,” eluded to the danger of this administration inventing an excuse to go into Syria and attempt to remove Assad.  As my Dad often says, “You don’t go around pokin’ a bear.”

To be clear on my stance, you have to go back to the founding fathers.  They were not isolationists, but neither were they meddlers.  The foreign policy one thought best was “friends in peace;  in war, enemies.”  Now, what reason does this nation have to enter Syria?  What reason does this nation have to oust Assad?  Syria has made no declaration of war against the united States.  Yet, Obama is itching to go in and remove Assad.  Why?

Obama would have to answer that question.  However, in looking at the meddling in sovereign nations and the governments in those nations, the united States is engaging in hypocrisy.  The US government calls the activities “spreading freedom and democracy,” while our Constitution calls the same actions on our soil as insurrection.

Sen. Paul warns that toppling Assad would create additional chaos in the Middle East as he pointed out that Gov. Kasich  (R-OH) and others in the GOP field contending for the nominee as the presidential candidate supported the removal of Assad.

“We have to have a more realistic foreign policy and not a utopian one where we say, ‘Oh, we are going to spread freedom and democracy and everybody in the Middle East is going to love us.’ They are not going to love us,” Mr. Paul said.

Sen. Paul’s statements are plain common sense;  however, the Obama administration meddles in the governments of sovereign foreign nations to oust more secular leaders in order to place members of the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood, in power.  Going back, look at US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Our military is propping up a corrupt Afghan government where high-level Afghan military officials rape young boys.

In Iraq, our military presence kept the government stable. Once the US military withdrew, Iraqi government officials argued amongst themselves to the point a prime minister was replaced.  ISIS entered the picture and Iraqi soldiers ran when ISIS attacked military posts.

In Libya, the US government, at the behest and push of Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, removed Moammar Qaddafi from power, after he changed his position.  At the time the Obama administration deposed Qaddafi, Qaddafi was helping the united States by rounding up terrorists and turning them over to the US.  The US post in Benghazi was attacked by terrorists and four Americans lost their lives — after removal of Qaddafi.  Many refer to this incident and everything surrouding it as “Benghazi-gate.  Libya is steeped in chaos because of US meddling.

Long time US and Israeli friend, Egypt, who worked with Israel to keep peace in Gaza, suffered tremendously when Obama encouraged, almost threatened, Hosni Mubarak to step down in response to Muslim Brotherhood pressure.  An election in Egypt, rife with corruption at the polling stations, resulted in Mohammed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood member, ascend to the office of president.  Morsi’s policies and the acts of the Muslim Brotherhood terror group resulted in millions protesting 24/7 in the capital demanding Morsi resign.  Eventually, the military under al-Sisi moved in and removed Morsi;  but, not before the people of Egypt experienced a period of chaos.

It is speculated that Morsi was involved with the attacks on the US Benghazi post.

At every turn, US involvement in the matters of sovereign nations, which should be addressed by the citizens of that nation, has resulted in chaos.  The chaos appears to spread to adjoining nations until the entire Middle East region becomes a powder keg.  This is exactly the scenario the world is looking at today.

No way should our military be used to complete an Obama or US agenda.  The US needs to stay out of the nation of Syria for many reasons.  Russia backs Assad and his government, which means the US would be in conflict with Russia under Putin.  US forces would have to join and support ISIS, both actions the US has taken under the guise of supporting Syrian rebel forces.  Bombing efforts toward ISIS would be “fluff n stuff” allowing ISIS to continue their agenda while giving Obama a reason to enter Syria — eradication of ISIS.  The list goes on but the point has been made.

The world nations need to eradicate ISIS, a creation of the US government.  Their agenda to establish a caliphate in the Middle East, along with spreading Islam across western nations, is endangering current legitimate nations’ governments in the area and threaten those nations’ survival.  Europe is under siege from contrived and instigated invasion by Muslim illegal alien invaders with the complicity of the European Union and member nations’ leaders.

The stories coming out of Europe by citizens tell the story of eradicated rights, destruction of businesses and property, pounds of waste left along roadsides, in cemeteries, and parks.  Violence and crime erupted and skyrocketed rapidly.

Based on what is seen in the Middle East, Paul and Trump are wise to exercise caution and warn against involvement in Syria.  Bottom line — Obama, nor anyone in his administration, can be trusted to deal with the Middle East.  Let’s chalk it up to his never ending support for Islam against everything and everyone else.

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  1. I’m a big fan of those 2. While it’s important for America to impose itself, there is a time and place for military use, and it should be used appropriately.

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    • I like both of them as well. I agree with your assessment. Unfortunately, our leadership cannot be trusted at this point. Despite what has been agreed upon, neither Kerry nor Obama should be trusted at their word. Putin is smart enough to know that. Our Congress knows it but does nothing.

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