Obama To Meet Muslim Leaders; Topic for Discussion Confusing for Many

The San Bernardino terrorist attack profoundly affected Americans, particularly those who knew the victims and live in the vicinity.  In the wake of this attack, Obama renewed his vigorous campaign aimed at stricter gun control laws.  Another activity scheduled for later this week has many up in arms.

Hussein Obama is scheduled to meet with Islamic leaders later this week to discuss “how his administration is working to combat discrimination and acts of hatred against” Muslims, according to Western Journalism.  The attack at San Bernardino occurred less than two weeks ago where 14 individuals were murdered by two Muslim terrorists.  Obama has yet to meet with any of the victims’ families;  yet, he has scheduled time to meet with Muslim leaders to discuss the administration’s response to possible backlash toward Muslims.

This is the complaint voiced by Young Conservative writer Michael Cantrell.  Cantrell cited an article by the New York Times focused on Obama’s attendance and speech to a naturalization ceremony held on “the 224th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.  The video of the speech, courtesy of Western Journalism and C-SPAN, shows Hussein Obama standing in front of the cases housing the united States’ founding documents.

Cantrell writes:

What’s truly disgusting about this is how the president hasn’t personally met with victims’ families from the San Bernardino attack, who are dead because a Muslim terrorist decided to go beyond “hateful talk” and end the lives of 14 innocent individuals.

Apparently these folks don’t matter enough for Obama to take time out of his busy schedule of doing nothing to show a little kindness. If they were Muslims, that would be a totally different story.

The president continues to put his lack of decency and character on full display with such actions, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to him.

All that matters is the agenda. Nothing trumps that. Nothing.

Which is why he continues to pander his little heart out instead of taking an opportunity to reach out and help aid in the healing process of individuals caught in the crossfire of a war that he’s allowed to come to our soil through his negligence.

Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

Cantrell is pointing out what many citizens already know — Obama gives preference and special treatment to Muslims over those practicing legitimate religions and atheists.  While Obama speaks of equality, ending racism and discrimination through a united nation, this man is the “great divider” of people along every imaginable difference.

He also points out Obama’s lack of decency,  poor character and his laissez faire attitude regarding his public display of his demeanor.  Cantrell recognizes Obama’s pandering to Muslims, his elevation of Islam  and his negligence in flooding this nation with unvetted Muslim invaders.  The open southern border was not mentioned by Cantrell;  however, Muslim invaders are crossing into America from Mexico via the unsecured border.

Obama, on the other hand, has a different take on this entire situation.  In his delusional mind, Obama likens the Syrian refugees to the Jewish refugees allowed to immigrate after World War II.

From Western Journalism:

In the Syrian seeking refuge today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II.,” the president said. “In these new Americans, we see our own American stories — our parents, our grandparents, our aunts, our uncles, our cousins who packed up what they could and scraped together what they had. And their paperwork wasn’t always in order. And they set out for a place that was more than just a piece of land, but an idea.”

Well, Obama did get one thing right in that little snippet — America is a place that is more than a piece of land; it embodied an idea of protection of individual God-given rights, freedom, self-government, and equality  under the law.  The American story that I have is being born in the united States to two parents born in the united States.  My parents parents were born in the united States to parents also born in the united States.  And so on and so forth.  It’s the same with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  To get back to where my family immigrated to this nation, one has to go back to 1769 and prior.  In case it escapes anyone, in 1769 and prior, the united States had not been founded — the colonies were under British rule.

Obama fails to know the story of the ship, St. Louis, that carried a passenger manifest consisting entirely of German Jews who were rejected by the US government prior to the Nazi’s initiation of their “final solution,” known as the Holocaust.  While most would argue the point that Syrian refugees (illegal alien invaders) were just like the Jewish refugees of Nazi Germany, a major distinction appears no one addresses — Jewish refugees and immigrants were not out to kill unbelievers and assimilated into this nation and its culture without problem.  The assimilation to the united States and its culture is rejected by Muslims, as they want a land ruled by Islam and Sharia law, which is antithetical to our form of government and their action to attempt to replace our government with theirs (Islam and Sharia) is a violation of our immigration laws — this pertains to incoming individuals.  The Constitution grants the power to create immigration law to Congress and that law prohibits entry of individuals who would seek to supplant our form of government with another.

Obama fails, again, to take in consideration the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino.  Who knows where this man was on 9/11, but that attack forever changed the face of America, along with the psyche of its people.  Americans hear threats of violence against them issued by Muslims from foreign nations and even some inside the united States.  These threats go unnoticed or are ignored by government officials and Obama.  Yet, any speech about Muslims or Islam that could be considered “hate speech” or inflammatory will be prosecuted, according to Obama’s newest lawdog, Loretta Lynch.

Citizens of the united States are concerned about the vetting process of these invaders designated refugees.  Top government agency officials from the FBI declare there is no way to properly vet these individuals to members of a Congressional committee.  Obama knows this.  Obama knows the concern of Americans.  Obama doesn’t care as he is all about the agenda.  If Americans die in the process, he doesn’t care.  He’ll ramp up his anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment campaign exponentially until the only individuals left with firearms are law enforcement officers, the military, government officials, bodyguards for Congress, Secret Service, members of Congress, select State and local government officials, criminals, and Muslims.  In other words, everybody will have firearms except the average American citizen who is law-abiding living in a nation that can be compared to the European Union with its Muslim invasion.

Another interesting portion of Obama’s speech calls upon Americans to live up to our expectations even when fearful or when it is hard.

“There’s no respite from our ideals. All of us are called to live up to our expectations for ourselves — not just when it’s convenient, but when it’s inconvenient,” Obama said. “When it’s tough. When we’re afraid. The tension throughout our history between welcoming or rejecting the stranger, it’s about more than just immigration. It’s about the meaning of America, what kind of country do we want to be. It’s about the capacity of each generation to honor the creed as old as our founding: ‘E Pluribus Unum’ — that out of many, we are one.”

Again, Obama  gets his history all twisted.  First, the motto “E Pluribus Unum” means “out of many, one.”  This is referring to the joining of the 13 colonies into one cohesive, cooperative nation of sovereign States.  It in no way points to immigration, honoring a creed or “welcoming or rejecting the stranger.”  The motto was first proposed by the US Continental Congress in 1782 for use on the Great Seal of the United States.  But, people hearing this who don’t know history and are too lazy to look it up will buy this bag of poop as gospel, despite Obama’s 1,166 documented evidence of lies, corruption, criminality and treason.

Obama is correct that we have no respite from our ideals.  In the united States, our ideals came from the founding fathers.  It is a nation where everyone is equal under the law, government is to protect individual God-given unalienable rights and not trample any, and to secure this form of government for our posterity.  Our founders recognized the need for a means to throw off tyrannical despotic government and secure new guards for the future.  It means to uphold, protect, support and defend the Constitution of the united States of America when those charged with securing rights become corrupt, despotic and tyrannical.  It is a recognized duty of citizens to throw out those who seek to enslave them, replacing the corrupted with statesmen who honor their oath of office.

So, to hold those ideals closely, means to embrace the Second Amendment in order to defend against those who would seek to supplant our form of government (insurrection), protect ourselves and this nation from invasion forces, and remove those from government who need to be removed.  We are to embrace and maintain due process of law for everyone and live our lives with little government intrusion (pursuit of happiness).

Yet, Obama and Congress respond to these attacks by stripping away unalienable rights through unconstitutional means and involve government in our daily lives while usurping the right of due process away from the individual.  These people elevate the cult of Islam above all legitimate religions, curb the right of free speech under threats of prosecution and jail, and concentrate power in the executive branch delegated to the legislative branch by the States and the people.  Who uses civil asset forfeiture and imminent domain to deprive individuals of property and assets without due process?  Exactly, who is not “living up to the expectations” by using, instigating and contriving events to further an agenda to eradicate  our founding principles?

If  you are not familiar with what is contained in our founding documents, they are available online at no cost to read, print and study.  The links are provided on the Information and Resources page for your convenience.  In order to truly learn about the Constitution and how to apply its tenets today, a link is provided on the same page to former attorney Publius Huldah’s blog.  The breakdown is excellent and the texts are thorough.

Listening to Obama without knowledge of our founding documents and where the principles originate will have you inadvertently working to assist in the destruction of this nation.


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