Most Important Video to Watch on Muslim Invasion of Europe

The lamestream enemedia, what I term mainstream media, does not always show the Muslim invasion of Europe in a disparaging light.  Instead, the propaganda arm of the Obama administration shows only the positives, which are few and far between.  Even though this video is over a month old, it is one all should see.

Despite what government leaders of all nations claim and what lamestream enemedia tries to cover-up, reality of the Muslim invasion of Europe is finding its way out.  Frequently used tactics by the lamestream enemedia are editing video content to change the appearance of a situation, taking of still photos then providing a false narrative to skew the situation to the positive, and portraying Muslim invaders as victims.  Whether contrived or inadvertent, the lamestream enemedia is as much an enemy of the people as leaders of nations who embrace invasion of massive numbers of Muslims at the expense and suffering of their own people.

Trump is offering a solution of banning Muslim immigration and importation of “refugees” who are really an invasion force of mostly young Muslim males just as Jimmy Carter did with Iranian immigration during the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979.  States are refusing to take refugees while Obama threatens retaliation.  It all likelihood the States will capitulate as Congress is complicit in the take over of the united States by illegal alien invader forces, especially the followers of Islam.


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