Kerry Bows to Putin; Assad to Remain in Power in Syria

As it has been said before, Russian president Vladimir Putin plays chess while the united States Keystone Kops lead by Obama play checkers.  On Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry capitulated to Vladimir Putin’s demand that Bashar al-Assad remain as president in Syria.

As reported by The Daily Caller:


Negotiations in Moscow between the U.S. and Russia have finally yielded some results.

Kerry caved and told the Associated Press following the meeting that the United States and its allies are “not seeking so-called regime change.” This is a major shift from White House priorities, though Kerry did note that the U.S. still believes Assad is incapable of lifting Syria out of years of civil war. Kerry also thinks that Assad has committed numerous human rights violations.

Kerry went so far as to say that the demand from rebel groups, namely that Assad needs to step down as soon as peace talks begin, is pointless.

Does anyone else wonder if “Swiftboat” Kerry checked with Obama before he gave away Obama’s farm?  Let’s face facts here.  Obama has some kind of obsession on deposing Assad reminiscent of Sen. Harry Reid’s obsession over the Koch Brothers.

Whether anyone in the US believes Assad capable or incapable of handling the civil war in Syria, it is none of our business.  Besides, Kerry has no room to question Assad’s leadership or capabilities when Kerry works under a man who spends more time on the golf course and on vacation that other presidents.  If human rights violations concerns this administration so where leaders are concerned, they need a swift kick in the keister to point them in the direction of Saudi Arabia, a supposed friend and ally who engages in human rights violations reminiscent of Hitler.

For goodness sakes, Kerry and this administration keeps referring to a rebel group.  At last report by officials in this administration, there were only four or five left.  So, where did this demand from the rebel group originate to request Assad step down?  It has to come from the “wee little men o’ outer space.”

According to the Daily Caller, ISIS will not play any part in the peace talks.  Most already know ISIS doesn’t need to be there since the organization was created by the united States CIA, meaning the group is already at the table.  The report called the shifting policy of the US from ousting Assad to fighting ISIS a “clear evolution in US strategy regarding Syria and Iraq.”

Russia, during this entire time, maintained the same stance as many here in the united States.  That stance is the united States or any other outside government has no jurisdiction or right to interfere in the workings of any sovereign nation.  It is left to the people of Syria to determine the internal sovereignty of their nation.  Just as US citizens through the electoral college determines who leads this nation by occupying the office of the presidency, the people of Syria are afforded the same authority.

Russia’s position on the matter has not set well with Obama and his administration leading to US accusations that Russia has launched it airstrikes against Syrian rebel groups instead of ISIS.  In return, Russia accused the US of “not utilizing its full capability against ISIS as Obama wants ISIS to topple Assad.  In this case, Russia has hit the nail on the head because the Obama administration along with a complicit Congress has provided weapons, equipment and monetary support to the terrorist organization.

In fact, Sen. John McCain’s infamous photo where he posed with the self-appointed leader of the ISIS caliphate, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and terrorist Mohammed Noor has circulated like wildfire across the internet.  Members of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood fill positions in the White House and occupy critical positions in numerous intelligence agencies.  Obama’s mythomania gives rise to the sincerity and truthfulness of his statements regarding the US airstrikes against ISIS.

John Kerry believes this newfound cooperation between the US and Russia signals a “sign of maturity.”  This is quite comical.  Obama and his Keystone Kops have acted like spoiled children while Putin has retained his calm, cool, composure.  Obama engaged in snide,condescending, worthless, meaningless comments and rhetoric regarding Russia and Putin, while Putin held his temper and acted like a true leader.

Let’s not forget that Putin is no saint and there is plenty of cause to be concerned.  However, at this point, Putin has shown himself to be a strong, true leader of a nation compared to what is leading the united States and multiple nations in Europe.  His analytical, critical thinking process shines through his speaking with reporters as he skillfully answers questions.  In the meantime, Obama runs his mouth to hear his own voice ,thinking he’s hot manure on a silver platter;  but, he ends up amounting to nothing more than cold boogers on a paper plate.

Obama, nor anyone else in his administration, is a match for Putin.  Since Obama failed to lead on the world stage in the Middle East, Putin emerged to fill that gap.  Obama fell in line behind Putin and sent his messenger boy to deliver his capitulation.  What choice did he really have?

Obama doesn’t want to bomb the US creation ISIS since it serves a purpose.  As long as Russia stayed out of the mix, Obama could claim whatever he wanted regarding the status of airstrikes without anyone being the wiser.  He pocketed the lamestream enemedia some time ago so it was a safe bet that no news organization would pick it up.  Putin’s entry at the behest of Syrian president Assad changed the nature of the game.  The ruse perpetrated by Obama was exposed.

The Middle East has always been a hotbed of war and warmongering leaders.  Unfortunately, many US presidents have difficulty staying out of the problems of Middle Eastern nations arising from the conflict between the factions of Islam.  Until the lesson to stay out is learned, the united States will find itself continually swapping sides, interfering in the internal sovereignty of those nations and sacrificing our military members for the sake of two warring factions under the same umbrella that would just as soon kill us all when their use for us is over.




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  1. America needs to regain leadership of the world. Enough of this reactionary, compromising rubbish. It’s time to lead from the front. Another 4 years of this madness will doom the world.


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