Obama Administration Refuses to Bomb Known Islamic State Propaganda Locations – Here’s Why

We all heard Obama parade out to grab his suspender straps with his thumbs and poke out his chest as he proclaimed 9,000 airstrikes against the Islamic State had the terrorist group on the run.  Naturally, he forgot to mention Russia’s bombing efforts.  It could be because Russia accused the Obama administration of supporting ISIS instead of bombing the organization.  As we know, the united States government created ISIS, armed ISIS, and supported the terrorist group with air drops and money.

Now, the Obama administration claims airstrikes cannot target key ISIS propaganda locations due to the potential for harming civilians.  The mapping of the location of the media safe houses by the united States leads to heavy residential areas in Libya and Syria.  ISIS places their media propaganda sites in these areas since the locations are less likely to be targeted by US airstrikes, according to information obtained through an anonymous source that spoke to the Washington Times.  The White House, the CIA and the Defense Department all declined to comment to the Times.

One has to question why the Obama administration would choose not to strike these sources of propaganda ISIS uses to recruit and spread its deadly threats.  Critics on Capitol Hill are wondering the same thing.  The concern over civilian casualties, termed collateral damage, seems weak in light of Obama’s aggressive program to kill by drone that has seen civilian casualties in greater numbers than the targets.

The rationale given for not commencing airstrikes against ISIS propaganda creation locations is a smoke screen.

The program in the united States that works to counter ISIS propaganda operates within the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Center of the State Department.  It’s inter-agency objective is a dual-track approach “that spreads carefully crafted messaging online and through local partners in various corners of the world to counter the Islamic State, while ramping up pressure on American social media companies to block extremist content and links from their online platform.”  That’s working out grand as Facebook and some other media sites leave Islamic sites up that show graphic content, have hateful comments, and push propaganda while these same social media sites ban people for comments that are Christian in nature, mention God, and criticize their founders.

Those Twitter hashtag campaigns are working out splendidly, in the meantime.  Surely Boko Haram has returned the girls they kidnapped in response to the first Sasquatch’s hashtag campaign, “#BringBackOurGirls.”

Again, Obama leads from behind, but in reality, he’s not leading at all.  These safe houses are in ISIS held territory in Syria — one located near the Syrian city of Aleppo.

In late November, The Washington Post published findings from interviews with more than a dozen Islamic State defectors and members, who provided detailed accounts of their involvement in, or exposure to, a Syria– and Iraq-based propaganda operation fueled with cameras, computers and other video equipment that arrives in regular shipments from Turkey.

Interesting that equipment to operate these propaganda centers comes from “regular shipments from Turkey,” a NATO member and ally of America.  In fact, Obama called Turkey’s Erdogan his “closest ally.”

More information revealed by the Washington Times indicates:

In one Islamic State-controlled enclave near the Syrian city of Aleppo, the media division’s headquarters, was a two-story home in a residential neighborhood, according to some of the defectors, who told The Post that the home was packed with high-end equipment, had Internet access through a Turkish wireless service and served as an editorial office for Dabiq and al-Furqan — an Islamic State media channel believed to be responsible for many of the extremist group’s videos.

The Pentagon declined to comment when pressed about The Post’s findings, and the question of whether the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State has taken — or is planning to take action — against the Aleppo location.

Army Col. Steve Warrant, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad, told The Times that he could “not discuss intelligence-related issues [or] disclose current and future details of our targeting efforts for specific facilities.” He also said he could not point to any specific examples of coalition action against any such media command centers.

Another source who spoke anonymously with The Times said debate over whether or not to authorize U.S. military strikes against the centers is heated within the Obama administration because leaving them online allows officials to continue studying them.

Of course we can’t miss an opportunity to “continue studying” these instruments of propaganda while ISIS gains new recruits from across the globe and spreads their vile agenda.

This administration knows the terrorist organization is using a Turkish wireless service, yet continues support of Turkey.

The Washington Times reported that the “the thrust of the administration’s strategy for countering Islamic State propaganda appears to have nothing to do with military action. It is instead being driven by a little-reported interagency messaging operation known as the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications inside the State Department,” which consists of 69 employees and a budget of $5.5 million.  The employees engage in “daily dissemination” of messages that are anti-Islamic State in multiple languages using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

As someone commented on a Facebook site I visited once, “how does a Facebook page change anything?  Really want to know.”

An unnamed official of the agency stated it was grossly under funded and its importance in the long term fight against ISIS is terribly misunderstood by critics.

By all means, the American public would love to understand how social media will stem ISIS recruitment, counter their videos, and stop their advancement as other Facebook, Twitter and media campaigns related to other issues haven’t done diddly squat.  What does work are bombs, and plenty of them.  Putin knows that for a fact.

Let them recruit all they want and go over there to be bombed into oblivion by Putin.  If they happen to survive, don’t let them come back to their country of origin.

While it’s difficult to comprehend and difficult to even say or write, civilian casualties of war are to be expected in war since Hitler’s massacre of civilians in World War II changed the “strategic war” mindset of the past.  Heavy bombing of German cities by the English and American forces produced civilian casualties.  Korea and Vietnam saw their share.  And, this administration cared not that civilians were killed in their indiscriminate drone strikes.  Why the hesitation now?  How many members of ISIS can be left with the number pouring into Europe and those Obama airlifts into the united States?

Obama’s objective is to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  However, Russia and Putin are backing Assad.  Obama is backing ISIS in order to have ISIS remove Assad.  Turkey is helping Obama by helping ISIS.  However, Turkey is poking Putin and Russia.  The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend and one’s friend can turn out to be one’s enemy.  The united States government will find out that Turkey is not our friend but as per usual, Obama will claim ignorance and tout how he didn’t know until he heard it on the news like everyone else.

Of course, the united States needs to stop meddling in the governments of sovereign nations.  It’s what started this whole mess especially with the united States government creating ISIS.  Our dog in the fight is the creation of ISIS.  Unfortunately, this administration and Congress cannot be trusted to eradicate its creation without inventing some excuse to try to oust a Russian-backed Assad, leading to a possible conflict with Russia.  The way things are looking, the next administration may not be any better.

This entire fiasco is a recipe for disaster.  Thanks to Obama, the united States is in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation with the perpetuation of his policies and support for Islamic terrorist organizations — all accepted by Congress.  You can compare it to Rubic’s cube — there’s only a few that can solve the Rubic’s cube puzzle and none are in the united States government.

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