Europe May Be Gone; At Least, The Europe We Know

Normally, Glenn Beck escapes the usual perusing of the news since he tends to waffle on his stance going between conservative values, liberal ideas and constitutionalism.  However, when he traveled to Europe recently and stated on Monday, the Europe, as we know it, is gone, it requires some attention.

“You have to understand, Europe is gone,” Beck stated on his radio show Monday morning after traveling to Europe and the Middle East last week.  “They are headed for catastrophe and headed for terrorist strike after terrorist strike after terrorist strike.  Riots in the streets.”

According to Beck, Europe is in serious trouble because “they refused to listen to the warnings.” And he believes that the U.S. is heading down the same path “if we don’t get control of our immigration and our refugee problem right now.”

The European Union and leaders of the individual nations refused to listen to warnings as the disease of multicultural liberalism took hold.  Many were speaking out about the problem:  Geert Wilders, Nigel Farrage, Marie Le-Pen to name a few.  These individuals were massacred in the media and France charged Le-Pen for violation of speech laws.  The European Union (EU), in short, destroyed nations’ borders and sovereignty.  Europe’s leaders sold their own nations’ sovereignty to an appointed bureaucracy with any citizens of the various nations voting.

After visiting Sweden, Beck noted the culture of Sweden is “being erased” and replaced with Islamic tradition.  The country’s young are not being educated about their history, their culture, their traditions or their history.  Islam is dominate.  As is the case with Islamic domination, all evidence of culture prior to Islamic domination is erased, eradicated and history rewritten to falsely proclaim Islam dominated there from the beginning.  It is evident in their “trashing” of the ancient archaeological site of Ninevah, the destruction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and their version of Spain’s history.

“They are being taught in their schools to raise Islam up while dismissing their own culture,” Beck said. “And maybe it takes somebody from the outside to see it. But as the sun rose up and I saw these churches and I saw these steeples and I saw the way these buildings were made. They were unbelievable.”

Beck believes the U.S. is following after Sweden, “teaching our children that there is no culture.” Beck also insisted that U.S. citizens remember their rights “come from God” and the “government can do nothing to infringe” on those rights.

Beck is correct in the predicament of the  united States under our leadership for the last 100 years or so.  More specifically, our rights in this nation have come under attack exponentially since the passing of the PATRIOT Act in 2001 after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  With this current administration headed by Obama filled with terrorist agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, the exponential rate of attack has multiplied with each new contrived incident.  A complicit Congress edges the process of rights eradication along.

Beck’s solution of Americans remembering their history, culture, traditions and rights is admirable;  however, several problems exist.  Which history are Americans supposed to remember — the one from the history books, the liberal version of history or the facts of history as it happened?  Our culture is one of “equality under the law.”  Yet, many in this nation take “equality” to mean something else entirely:  like, equality in pay, equality in housing, etc.  And, government promotes inequity in the law when politicians and heads of departments operate with impunity after proof of law violations.  Political correctness has damaged our traditions.  And, many “Americans” refuse to assimilate to our cultures and traditions, choosing instead to carve out pockets of their nation of origin producing a sub-culture demanding inclusion.

Many “Americans” could not tell anyone what is contained in our founding documents much less name them.  They deny God.  Instead, they look at government as the be all, end all to everything, including the giver and taker of rights.

Many “Americans” believe the Constitution of the united States of America is an old worn-out document written by “dead old white men” that should change with the times.  They contend its principles are outdated and need an overhaul.  The forget the founders were in their 30s when these document were written.  And yes, they are dead as life expectancy hasn’t risen to 240 years yet.

Years passing has seen the English language butchered, meanings of words changed reflecting “slang” and new made-up words entered like “awesomesauce.”  No one takes into consideration the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary that echoed the definition of words used during the time of the framers to truly understand the meaning of the words in the Constitution.  Instead, politicians and lawyers inferred their own meanings to usurp power and warp clauses in the document to suit their purpose.  Ignorant sheeple bought every word they uttered, gleaning their knowledge of the founding documents from those who usurped it gaining additional power for government and less for the people.

Many “Americans,” too lazy to do their own reading and understand the true meaning of the founding documents, repeat the continual misinterpretations, cite Supreme Court decisions as law, and vehemently declare whatever laws are passed are law, even when Congress and the president changes the Constitution without going through the amendment process.  Look it up if you don’t know.

At this point in time, it isn’t enough for “Americans” to respect our culture, traditions, history and rights.  “Americans” are going to have to push back to keep them and demand all individuals seeking citizenship assimilate to our culture, traditions, history and rights.  Why bother coming here if one seeks to have those born here capitulate to their culture?  If these individuals cannot assimilate, they do not deserve the privileges of citizenship.

Individuals subscribing to the multicultural liberalism ideology exude superiority over those who support, uphold and defend the founding documents of the united States.  It’s the same in the nations of Europe as well.  But, for all of their superiority, these individuals fail to see that Islam will dominate as it allows no other “culture, tradition or history” to exist congruently.  Just as European leaders have done, these individuals will hand the united States to Islam, under the ideology of multiculturalism, unless the insanity is stopped.  Their false sense of superiority will be their undoing.  For, if Islam gets more of a hold in this nation, and it is set to do so under Hussein Obama, everyone in this nation will reap the effects of terrorist attacks and find Muslim zones pop up where Sharia reigns.

As someone once said, “be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.”  Those who “wish” for a destruction of the founding principles of this nation contained in our founding documents may get their wish if those in opposition do not rise to thwart their efforts.  However, they may not like what replaces the Constitution and the rights it recognizes and upholds.  In fact, they may be “wishing” for change but there won’t be anyone left to fight as the opposition will have long since been eradicated.


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