Update: Obama To Enlist Aid of Governors To Bypass Congress on Gun Control

In the previous article “The Winner of the ID10T Award is Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy,” it was hypothesized that Gov. Malloy might seize guns from individuals who appear on the federal government “no-fly” list.  The following two possibilities were presented in the article.

Will Gov. Malloy send a SWAT team to confiscate the firearms of a nine-month old baby?  Probably.

Is Gov. Malloy willing to treat law-abiding citizens who may be on that list in error as criminals?  Definitely.

The first possibility eluded to the incredulousness of the federal government to place a nine-month old infant girl on the “no-fly” list, which was reported by several news media outlets.  Remember, the criteria applied that places individuals on the list is secret and the individual is denied their right to due process to appeal.  The second possibility eluded to the individuals being assigned a designation similar to a convicted criminal, who loses the right to bear arms due to incarceration.

In a report appearing on InfoWars yesterday, Obama is preparing to use governors to do an end run around Congress regarding gun control.  The report indicated that Gov. Malloy, in a speech aired by NBC Connecticut, declared individuals appearing on the list would lose their right to purchase firearms and went so far to say that individuals on the list who have already purchased firearms would likely have them seized.  Malloy intends to enact all of this using executive orders.

It appears the hypothesis on what Gov. Malloy might or could do was correct.  The story I gleaned the first article from did not include the video of Gov. Malloy’s statements.  It’s possible the source article appeared beforehand.

Gov. Malloy did indicate that individuals would be allowed due process on his executive orders to ban gun purchases and seize weapons of those individuals on “no-fly” lists as well as government “terror watch lists.”  Many in Connecticut are already questioning the governors authority via executive order to “seize” weapons.

In December 2013, an article I penned appeared on Freedom Outpost where I reported on the change in Connecticut law requiring individuals owning certain firearms and magazines to register them by January 1,

Connecticut resident Scott Boccio said, as he stood in line to register his firearms, “I understand why they’re doing it, but I don’t think it’s constitutional.”

Another resident registering his magazines, Charles Gillette, said he would have a problem if the state were trying to ban magazines or firearms, but “if they just want to know where they are, that’s fine with me.”

Jared Krajewski stated, “If people are going to do things illegally, they’re not going to be here registering their guns.”

Take a good look at Connecticut. Here is the perfect example of sheeple. Residents know these gun laws are unconstitutional; yet, they obey by marching nicely down to the town hall to register their firearms and high-capacity magazines. The first order of business toward gun confiscation by the government is to find out where all the guns are, who has guns and what type of guns and ammo they have.

Some thought it okay for the government to require individuals register guns and believe those who register their guns are not going to do things illegally.  Well, no one has to be a convicted criminal, suspected of a crime, even have committed a crime or done things illegally to have their individual God-given rights infringed on by government if their name appears on a government terror watch list.  This exact scenario is one that alternative media and those who support the Constitution warned about years ago.

Here is another perspective on the no-fly/terror watchlist.
As the article at InfoWars. com states:
As SHTF explained the other day, the federal No Fly terror watch list is one of the worst instruments that could possibly be used. Firstly, it is has never stopped a terrorist from acting, though some may have been indentified ahead of time.

But, more importantly, the No Fly watch list has put thousands of people on its list for reasons of mere suspicion alone – it is not based upon past crimes or direct accusations based on evidence. The practices for being added to the list are secretive, and there is virtually no way of appealing, or being taken off the list. That is despite the fact that many of the people on the no fly list – who have been barred from getting on a plane and traveling – are on the list simply because they share a last name with a suspect, or a similar name.

In short, it is a civil rights disaster that is fewer degrees away from Nazi Germany than it is from Kevin Bacon. Using this No Fly list to bar people from buying a gun – a constitutionally protected right – is compounding that problem and denying due process to Americans.

Gov. Malloy intends to allow individuals their “right to due process” to challenge the denial of gun  purchases or seizure of weapons should an individual appear on a government watch list.  So, the citizen, who has committed no crime, not even suspected of a crime, nor have any probable cause to limit any rights, and lives in the State of Connecticut, will have to hire an attorney and go to court to appeal an executive action, which is unconstitutional in the first place.  And, pray tell how an individual who has been injured by this usurpation supposed to challenge the federal government and the State when the criteria for placement on the list is secret and the federal government has refused to allow individuals the right to due process, unconstitutionally, to remove their name?

And, who is Gov. Malloy going to order to seize weapons?  The Sheriff?  The local police departments?  The National Guard?   This ought to garner nightly news coverage for quite some time to allow Obastard to sneak something else past the public.
As stated in another article Usurpation is what government is all about these days in America, as well as unconstitutional operation. If the stuff doesn’t hit the fan in Connecticut over this, well, the Constitution State needs to change its motto.


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