Over 200 Nations Adopt Pact on Climate Change Farce

The gathering of world leaders in Le Bourget, France, for a symposium on climate change constituted the largest gathering of idiots in the history of nations.  In an infinite display of utter stupidity, idiocy, ignorance, and down right witlessness, these “leaders” signed onto a pact regarding climate change when the UN’s own IPCC admitted to falsifying data in their computer models.  The ding-a-lings signed an agreement to cut and then eliminate greenhouse gas pollution but imposed no sanctions on nations that do not.  Well, at least someone there had one functioning brain cell.

Does anyone of these nincompoops know what “greenhouse gas” is?  Well, they classify it as carbon dioxide, aka CO2.  This is a gas essential for plant growth as it is needed for photosynthesis.  Without adequate CO2, plants cannot survive.  Another “greenhouse gas” is methane, aka CH.  The largest producer of methane happens to be cow farts and belches.  That’s right.  Methane is flatulence produced by living creatures as a result of the digestive process and intestinal activity.  Humans generate methane as well.

Additionally, scientists promoting climate change have been doctoring the data — skewing temperature readings from monitoring stations around the world by adding sometimes 1 degree Celsius to the actual reading.  UN IPCC scientists have admitted to falsifying data to input in their faulty computer models — scientists can’t account for all variables — to prop up the false declaration of climate change.  Climate change went by the name “global warming” previously;  but, global warming was proved to be false.  The name was changed to more acceptable term but the premise remains the same.

According to The Blaze:

In the pact, the countries commit to limiting the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity to the same levels that trees, soil and oceans can absorb naturally, beginning at some point between 2050 and 2100. [bold face mine]

In practical terms, achieving that goal means the world would have to stop emitting greenhouse gases altogether in the next half-century, scientists said. That’s because the less we pollute, the less pollution nature absorbs. [bold face mine]

Achieving such a reduction in emissions would involve a complete transformation of how people get energy, and many activists worry that despite the pledges, countries are not ready to make such profound and costly changes.

Read the bold face type carefully.  How does one stop the emission of greenhouse gases through human activity altogether?  Please feel free to fill in the blanks;  but, when governments are involved, it means democide — murder by government.

And, the pact states that wealth nations should “continue to provide financial support for poor nations to cope with climate change and encourages other countries to pitch in on a voluntary basis.”  Until the bulk of the people are murdered by government, this agreement seeks to redistribute wealth from the taxpayer in the US and other “wealthy” nations to poorer nations, where corrupt government leaders snag it for themselves.

Obama tweeted this was possible due to American leadership.  It was possible due to the hate for American its leadership possesses to be more accurate.

China has emitted more “greenhouse gas” according to one study than the US.  However, does anyone think China is going to curb anything that would be detrimental to China?  Not hardly, but US leadership will gladly lead western nations into destruction because of hatred for the US, freedom, liberty and governments he considers “colonial imperialists.”  This is nothing more than theft with redistribution.

And, how will the absorption of carbon dioxide by trees, soil and oceans be measured?  How will the exact measurement of how much carbon dioxide is being released into the air to be absorbed by trees, soil and oceans?  It will take the development of expensive technology that probably won’t be available for quite sometime according to Princeton University’s Michael Oppenheimer.  But, that won’t stop charlatan politicians from implementing a carbon tax and cap and trade.

WARNING — Incoming sarcasm.

It’s amazing civilization has lasted this long in the world bubble.  CO2 and methane is going to kill us all since it’s building up so fast in the atmosphere to cause artic ice to melt, seas to rise, and the difficulty in getting enough oxygen into our system to survive.  On the bright side, government will be taking more money to give to the poor while stopping volcanic eruptions and preventing new ones.

Most are glad to know that the cow population as well as human population will be decreased.  There are way too many cows and humans in the world today.  Plus, it’s better than the way cows are mistreated now in society and red meat is bad for us anyways.  Since the US government allows mothers to consent to doctors murdering their babies in the womb or cutting the infant up before killing it to harvest its organs, it will probably expand this practice to children, the elderly and the disabled.  After all, they are dead weight anyway.  It’ll save on costs and the environment.

Surely, they will let those who don’t work hang around for a bit in order to see if their plan is working.  If the plan doesn’t help enough, the government can apply the same policy of ridding society of those individuals to save the Earth.  This climate change agreement is not mandatory on any nation;  but, any civilized nation of people will implement plans to save us from destroying the planet.

The added bonus is the eradication of poverty by having wealthy nations send some of their ill-gotten gains made off the backs of poor nations back to them.  It’s only fair since these wealthy nations didn’t build anything alone — they made their wealth off the backs of poorer nations and robbed them of resources.  In fact, some of the poverty stricken individuals of other nations could take up residence in houses left vacant by those who left them behind when submitting to the plan to totally eradicate human greenhouse gas emissions.

We might have more room to plant new forests to help absorb CO2 as well, which will be great for having more places to enjoy without worrying about being suffocated by greenhouse gas emissions.  Hopefully, everyone will get a new living space in the cities so we can have public transportation instead of having to rely on cars and those other gas guzzlers.

Think of how great this will be for every nation in the world!

END of sarcasm.

That is the mentality of climate change proponents and environmental activists who want to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 release into the atmosphere.  These are the same people who charge their electric cars via the electric grid, possess every electronic device know to man, and charge it via the electric grid, ride to and from venues in huge, gas guzzling limos heralded and followed by 2 or more SUVs filled with bodyguards, and fly in private jets to a climate change symposium to draft an agreement to curb and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions of methane and carbon dioxide based on falsified data, faulty models, scientific theories that can’t satisfy the Scientific Method, and lies in general to implement their agenda.

Look closely and  you’ll see it — UN Agenda 2030 or Agenda 21 on steroids.  Hypocrisy knows no bounds as these charlatans seek to steal from the people and limit our access to resources while they suck up all they want to continue their lavish style of living.  And, they’ll have no qualms in eliminating people and part of the food supply to do it.




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