Obama Moves to Violate Second Amendment While Ignoring the Fifth

Yes, that’s right.  The boy King Hussein Obama will be issuing executive actions that will expand background checks on firearm purchases and deny individuals the God-given right to bear arms who find themselves on the government “no-fly” list.  It is the epitome of tyranny reminiscent of Hitler and Stalin when the government, at the behest of one man, will deny someone the right to purchase a firearm because they happen to land on a list.

But, Obama won’t have to issue an executive order or send a memo since two members of Congress are set to push through a piece of legislation that will trample the Second Amendment and deny individuals due process under the Fifth Amendment.  H.R. 1076 was introduced this last February by Congressman Peter King (R-NY).  Now, Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) has jumped on the bandwagon.

Republican Peter King is signing on to the Obama agenda to violate/eradicate the Second Amendment using some secret government list where citizens are denied freedom of movement within the nation based on secret criteria without any due process to clear your name.  In other words, you are guilty of something without ever having committed a crime.  It’s estimated that 40% of individuals on the “no-fly” list have no connection to terrorists or terrorists/criminal groups or organizations.

Once a name is on that list, the name doesn’t get removed.  The government keeps adding to the list.  Congressional ID10T card holders King and Thompson are willing to subject US citizens to this type of tyranny without knowing how anyone gets on the list or that individuals are denied due process when their name appears on it.  They are falling into the trap set by King Hussein Obama.

If this is allowed to stand, all the US King Hussein Obama has to do is contact the IRS and DHS to get the names of every citizen in this nation and add them to the list.  Remember, the list is secret and the criteria used to add individuals to it are secret as well.  No member of Congress knows the criteria;  yet, two ID10T card holders suffered a knee-jerk reaction without engaging their brain.  It probably won’t be any problem for members of both chambers of Congress, their staff, bodyguards and family to “fudge” the list and be removed.  One can surely guarantee that no member of the Obama administration who has ties to the terrorist group or is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood will be on that list.  Neither will any federal government worker.  After all, the federal government spent billions of dollars on billions of rounds of ammunition to stockpile for some event they are instigating.

If the King and his nobles add children’s names to the list, it would be an effective way to make sure future generations are denied the right to bear arms.

It’s time to start thinking in terms of this administration mimicking the regimes of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, and Mao Zedong’s China.  During the Obama rule, there have been 165 incidences of mass shootings — way more than all other administrations combined starting with Ronald Reagan.  Doesn’t that sound a bit strange?  Doesn’t an average of around 2 incidences of mass shootings per month since Obama has been in office ring just a little of being instigated and contrived?  Some have been saying for quite a while it does.

Doesn’t all of this taste bitter and sour or is the majority of people in the nation still asleep?  It’s an Alinsky tactic using an outrageous, above the norm situation, more than likely perpetrated by the King Hussein Obama’s administration, to push an agenda whereby people react in fear then request a restriction of liberty under the delusion it will make everyone safer.

To justify the invasion of Poland, Hitler and his regime staged and perpetrated attacks against ethnic Germans living in Poland, then blamed the incidences on Poland.  The people, in anger, supported Hitler’s war plan thereby starting World War II.

The US King Hussein Obama has shown his disdain for Christianity, white citizens, US history — factual, not the imagined, US heritage, American values and principles, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, our constitutional republic, and the separation of powers between the three branches of government while advocating for Islam and black thugs.  There is not one thing this narcissistic, socio-psychopathic, mythomaniac likes about this nation or its people.  As long as the people have arms, the agenda cannot be completed.  Doesn’t the exponential rise in mass shootings under this anti-American traitor now appear more government backed?

Our borders are essentially non-existent at this point.  The duly passed legislation and laws on immigration has been eradicated with a memo from our King using his “pen and phone.”  The “pen and phone” King imports tens of thousands of unvetted followers of Mohammed into the nation because “he says so.”  Anyone pointing out the risk to national security because of his actions are dubbed “racists, bigots, xenophobes, Islamophobes, and isolationists.”  He uses the PC club more than any other man occupying the Oval Office in history.

Call those opposed to eradication of the right to bear arms and supporters of due process anything you want.  The labels will be worn proudly.  It is those who are members of the cult of death created by an insane warmonger, misogynist, rapist and pedophile who seek to kill those who do not submit to them.  It is Muslims who seek to eradicate our culture, government and nation.  If the facts are unsavory, tough.  It is what it is and sugar coating bitter-root doesn’t get rid of the bitter taste.

As the King releases dangerous illegal alien invader criminals, intentionally, into our communities, he seeks to disarm every citizen in the nation.  Ditto for the importation of terrorists.

Should Obama invoke revenge and retaliation for those opposing his policies and agenda, many could find themselves on the list based on their exercise of free speech without any due process afforded, which violates the Fifth Amendment.  It’s obvious Congress is complicit.  Feinstein, Piglousy, Reid and others pander for gun control and firearm bans while they enjoy armed bodyguards, secured residences through security officers and devices, and a separation from interacting with the people.

You can bet Congress, King Obama and those in the administration will have the ability to bear arms freely, regardless of criminal record or affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose members fill key government positions thanks to our King.  The military and police forces will retain their ability to bear arms, as will all criminals since they don’t follow laws anyway.

This is the official start of instituting the police state, in earnest.  If Congress does not pass the HR 1076 bill, the King is set to use his “pen and phone” to initiate the actions.  He’s ready to use government muscle against the people.  The last stand against it all remains our governors and constitutional sheriffs.  For some citizens, they know the sheriff of their county will uphold the Constitution and their governor will stand against federal over-reach;  not so for many others.

The stage is set for conflict — initiated by the self-appointed King with the complicity of Congress.   Someone impeach this “bastard child of a whore”  with a tranny “wife”and put this traitor usurper on trial for treason.

H/T to Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost and Chuck Baldwin, contributor to Sons of Liberty media.


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  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Excellent! but remember: The place to start is with the enumerated powers: We never delegated to the federal government power to restrict our arms. We delegated power, e.g., to fix the Standard of Weights and Measures (Art. I, Sec. 8, clause 5), but NEVER to restrict our arms. So when the feds attempt to restrict our arms, they are not merely violating the 2nd Amendment, THEY ARE USURPING POWERS NOT DELEGATED.

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