The Winner of the ID10T Award is Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy

Democratic Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy stops at a polling station, November 4, 2014. (Getty Images/Spencer Platt)Congratulations to Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy as this month’s winner of the ID10T award.  In response to the San Bernardino instigated and contrived mass shooting, Gov. Malloy, in a stellar display of statesmenship, announced his intention today to prevent individuals in his State on “government watch lists” from purchasing firearms.

Malloy rationalizes his decision by saying that if you can’t fly on a plane, you shouldn’t be able to purchase a firearm.

Whatever happened to due process — you know that idea that you have the right to confront your accuser, that life, liberty or property cannot be taken without it, and the probable cause to issue a warrant if suspected of a crime?   That’s right, Governor Malloy suspended all of that in the State of Connecticut.  Congratulations Connecticut — you are now denied due process on this issue.  It’s only a matter of time before it expands.

Of course, it isn’t surprising after Connecticut had residents register certain firearms and passed some of the strictest gun control laws thus far after the instigated and contrived mass shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  If you want to know more about the Sandy Hook shooting, get the banned book, offered free by the authors, for download here.  And be sure and visit the site, Fellowship of the Minds or FOTM, for all archived articles covering the Sandy Hook incident as the information and research is exceptional.

Gov. Malloy stated, “Like all Americans, I have been horrified by the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris.  This should be a wake up call to all of us.  This is a moment to seize in America — and today I’m here to say that we in Connecticut are seizing it.”

Malloy called his intent “common sense” as he criticized the Republican majority in Congress for failing to pass “common sense” gun control legislation.

Does Gov. Malloy know that the government terrorist lists includes 72 categories that all Americans could find themselves while the government scrubbed actual terrorist organizations and terrorists from the list thanks to Obama’s Muslim government stooges?  Probably not.

Will Gov. Malloy send a SWAT team to confiscate the firearms of a nine-month old baby?  Probably.

Is Gov. Malloy willing to treat law-abiding citizens who may be on that list in error as criminals?  Definitely.

Is Gov. Malloy prepared to disarm any police officers, State Troopers, his bodyguards, city officials or State legislators if on the list?  Is he prepared to deny these individuals their rights and jobs?  Probably not.  These individuals won’t count — only the lowly, inconsequential voter.

In order to do this, Malloy has to gain access to the federal lists, which he is attempting to do.  Well, if this list can be viewed by the Governor of Connecticut, then release the list to all governors so citizens on the list in error can have their name removed.  I’m sure the nine-month old baby, who is probably almost 2 years old now, and her parents would appreciate it.

It’s not common sense to deny Muslims entry into this nation since terrorists are Muslims.  It’s not common sense to get the government to cease these instigated and contrived incidences.  It’s not common sense to secure the border with a wall, which works for Israel and Hungary.  It’s not common sense to deport  illegal alien invaders and illegal alien invaders who have committed additional crimes.  No, that’s not common sense according to Gov. Malloy.

According to Gov. Malloy, it’s common sense to deny individuals their God-given rights without due process based on federal lists that are probably inaccurate and filled with individuals who dissent against Obama and his administration, Muslims and the unconstitutional alphabet agencies.

Does anyone else hear the Twilight Zone music?

To the Honorable Gov. Dan Malloy — Smooth move Ex-lax and congrats on the ID10T award.


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