Gun Salesman of the Year Award Winner is None Other than Barack Hussein Obama

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Each time an instigated and contrived shooting incident occurs, Obama parades out to trash the Second Amendment, its supporters and the individual God-given right to bear arms in general.  What has happened each time Obama does this is gun sales increase.  This is good news for merchants who sell firearms and accessories.  Well, get ready for another sweep on firearms as Barack Hussein Obama gets set to unveil his unconstitutional, unilateral, executive action that will expand background checks for gun purchases in the united States of America.

According to Valerie Jarrett, who spoke at a vigil in Newtown, CT on Wednesday night, Obama has asked “his team” to develop and complete proposals in “short order” for his review.  Obama’s plan is to expand background checks to include gun sales at gun shows and online purchases which anti-gun activists push to close the “gun show loophole.”  This move comes after the instigated and contrived mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

California has some of the most strict unconstitutional gun laws in the nation.  Yet, those laws did not stop a mass shooting as the guns were purchased legally.  Of course, Gov. Jerry Brown popped his mouth off to say that neighboring States Arizona and Nevada were the problem.  Anything but failure of gun control laws is the problem according to Brown’s thinking and the fact that those who will commit evil acts will commit evil acts despite the law.

Brown actually believes these gun control laws work.  Unfortunately, Brown refuses to look at California, his own State, Washington, DC, Chicago, Detroit and New York City, to name a few.

Increasing the gun control laws will not stop mass shootings just like increasing safety regulations for cars will not stop deaths from automobile accidents.   Did people in the united States cease drinking alcohol when the 18th Amendment started prohibition?  Not at all.  It was such a failure the amendment had to be repealed.

Does anyone actually think that expanding the background checks for legal gun purchases will stop the vast amount of guns coming across our border undetected and illegally?  Not hardly.  Does anyone actually believe that criminals will purchase guns legally?  Not if they have a criminal record they won’t and probably wouldn’t in any event as criminals don’t follow the law.

Obama and his administration maintains that strengthening background checks, banning “semi-automatic” rifles they wrongly describe as “assault weapons” and denying Second Amendment rights to individuals on “no-fly” lists their rights could, repeat could “prevent dangerous people from getting guns.”

Marco Rubio, along with many gun rights advocates, have stated that infringing on the Second Amendment will not prevent mass shootings nor prevent “dangerous people from getting guns.”  This is absolutely true, but gun-grabbers refuse to believe it even with statistics to prove it.

First of all, semi-automatic rifles don’t kill any faster than a .22 revolver.  One squeeze of the trigger fires one round.  It is no more an assault weapon than a bedroom lamp or a baseball bat.  How fast you can squeeze the trigger is how fast you can fire one round.  I’ve seen some pretty fast rounds fired from a revolver.  I’ve also seen some pretty mean swings with a baseball bat.

And, second, how does one get on a “no-fly” list?  What is the criteria?  How do you know when you are on one?  Does the government notify you?

No one knows the exact criteria that determines if one should be placed on a “no-fly” list as the criteria is not for public review.   One has to question the criteria though when a nine-month old infant female ended up on the no-fly list a while back. Once you are on a no-fly list, the government doesn’t tell you until you go to take a flight.  Then, you cannot get your name removed — not even through an act of Congress.  An act of God might work if this administration recognized God.  But, the government even tries to regulate Him.

What would prevent Obama and his illegal administration from placing everyone in the united States of America on the “no-fly” list in order to perpetrate confiscation of firearms and eradicate the Second Amendment?  Not a thing since no one is privy as to when they are placed on one and you cannot get your name removed.

Obama’s actions are unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful and criminal.  In the case of these “executive orders,” which infringe on an amendment that “shall not be infringed,” State governors and county sheriffs should refuse to allow the Obama Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) to enter the State to enforce these actions.  In fact, an act of civil disobedience in regard to Obama’s unilateral, unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful and criminal executive orders should occur if he is hell bent and determined to push the issue.

With this announcement, gun sales should reach another all time record.  In fact, there is a new one I have had my eye on ever since I saw it.  It’s scheduled to be available for purchase in January 2016.  Hopefully, the store will have two as my Mom is itching to get one as well.  If Dad goes along that would make three.  I better call and put one on reserve.

Firearm merchants and range owners will appreciate the boost in business this holiday season and into the New Year.  I know I’ll be singing, “all I want for Christmas is a 9 mil sub, a 9 mil sub, a 9 mil sub… well, I guess I have to wait ’til after Christmas.”

All anyone can say is “good luck with that Obastard.”  As Kevin Costner said in the movie, Wyatt Earp, “You can get me.  Won’t be any problem in that with all the men you got here, but not before I take a few of you with me. … So, you all come up here and join these brave men and we’ll all go together.”





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