Media Three-ring Circus Around Terrorist Shooting Serves to Obfuscate Agenda

In reviewing the media many call news, there is a lot of controversy occurring because of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA, and Obama’s address to the nation from the Oval Office.  Again, just like countless other times, a media three-ring circus ensues after any shooting incident whether it involve tens of individuals or 2 to 3 as seen in the Virginia shooting of reporters.  There is always discrepancy as to the number and description of the shooters until somewhere, behind the scene, the news agency receives instructions to scrub all others except what will be more likely to better push the agenda of the White House and Democrats.

News reports, TV and written, first reported eyewitnesses describing the shooters as three white males dressed in black military style gear complete with body armor and semi-automatic weapons.  After a few hours pass, the narrative turns to two Middle Eastern individuals, one a woman, who became “radicalized” Muslims.  On cue, Obama pops out to attempt to declare it “workplace violence” since the male involved worked at the scene of the shooting.  Unfortunately, FBI agents at the scene declare it an act of terrorism, resulting in Obama having to double down on his support for Islam while pushing a gun control agenda.

People hear the narrative that these “shooters” procured their weapons legally, all the while denying California’s strict gun control laws and the inability of the government to vet individuals entering the nation from the Middle East.  Nor do individuals receive proper reports from the news media, initially, regarding the laxity of the process of visas when it comes to persons entering the nation to marry a “citizen.”  Obama speaks of not allowing those on “no-fly” lists to be able to obtain firearms;  yet, neither of these two shooters was on a “no-fly” list.  Other key facts that forget to be mentioned is the “no-fly list” is inaccurate, denies citizens their right to due process to challenge being on the list, citizens are usually not aware they are even on the list, and is entirely unconstitutional from the outset.

Individuals glued to the TV set hear about a neighbor who saw several suspicious incidences occurring at the residence of the shooters but who failed to report this to the police for fear of being labeled a “racist” or “xenophobe” by engaging in profiling.  Who are these neighbors?  The media has not released any names, except for one who said a neighbor told him about suspicious activity.  And, there is the contamination of the shooters’ home by reporters.  Does anyone believe the police release the home of suspects that quickly?  Some reports indicate the land lord allowed reporters to enter the home.  Could it be to compromise the scene?

Is it any wonder that many individuals believe these “shooting incidents” are instigated and contrived by the administration in order to push a gun control agenda?  Many believe some of these incidences are false flags and hoaxes with multiple videos and essays written detailing the steps resulting in that conclusion.  Some activities surrounding the handling of these incidences defy established protocols, as many have pointed out.   Conflicting reports emerge that have to be corrected by the media later or covered up entirely.  If you consider the fact there have been 165 shooting incidences under this administration — more than any other administration going back to the Reagan administration, one has to conclude there is more going on here than meets the eye.

There is an agenda at work.  It’s anyone’s guess as to the exact plan.  However, one can surmise it amounts to limiting or eradicating the right of citizens to bear arms while importing a terrorist element to create chaos and havoc.  The soil of the united States of America would turn into a battleground where slaughter of citizens are rampant with the federal government and this administration exerting ever more control over the citizens, eradicating more and more rights, until citizens have none.  Resistance by groups fighting to keep their rights would unleash a fervent retaliation by this administration.  Congress would support these measures until rendered moot when there is no longer a need for the people to have representation.  They will then be subject to the same treatment as citizens or worse.

Look for more of these incidences in the future — real as well as contrived and instigate, as long as Obama remains in the Oval Office.

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