Some People Just Don’t Get It

When it comes to certain issues, some people just don’t get it.  Take California Governor Jerry Brown as an example of one who”just don’t get it.”  Being that the State of California has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation, Gov. Brown paraded out in front of the cameras to declare it was “loose” gun control laws in the neighboring States of Nevada and Arizona that created a “back door” for terrorists to enter California.

According to the Washington Times, Gov. Brown stated, “California has some of the toughest gun control laws of any state.  And Nevada and Arizona are wide open, so that’s a gigantic back door through which any terrorist can walk.”

Gov. Brown happened to be in Le Bourget, France, when the statement was made because he was attending the international climate change conference.  Obama has touted that combating climate change is what will defeat ISIS and terrorism.  Gov. Brown has also forgotten about the sanctuary cities that exist in California that protect illegal alien invaders who also are known criminals and gang members.

In the same appearance in front of the press, Gov. Brown stated he recognized that people are committed to the jihadist doctrine and would kill people in unexpected places.  He contended that he did not minimize the significance of the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, but that “we have to be on our guard, and we have to do whatever we can do.”  Yet, Gov. Brown promotes the idea of strict gun control laws that would prevent many individuals from engaging in adequate self-defense.

Brown turns around and blames other states for the problems experienced in his own State instead of policies condoned in the State of California, such as sanctuary cities and promotion of the acceptance of unvetted illegal alien invaders.  Brown also ignores the fact that many mass shootings perpetrated by terrorists and others occur in gun free zones.  Being a Democrat, Brown has to tow the party line and false rhetoric espoused by those in leadership positions.

Gun Control laws prevent law-abiding citizens from exercising their individual God-given right to bear arms and infringes on the Second Amendment.  Will some individuals be able to procure firearms that shouldn’t?  Of course.  But, any individual who would trade freedom and liberty for a little security, deserve neither freedom or liberty or security, according to Benjamin Franklin.  And, yes, these firearms used by the perpetrators were legally obtained.  However, with all the NSA spying and gathering of every piece of communication data on everyone in America, somehow the federal government agencies missed a Facebook post and other communications that would indicate these individuals could pose a threat.

Funny, no one brings that up in any press conference or other media.  Even lame stream media doesn’t ask questions regarding how the government keeps missing information to intercept terrorists when the government has claimed these surveillance and spying programs are to do just that.  One begins to see these programs are not designed to do what officials have told the American public.  In other words, government officials and those elected to office have lied;  yet, no one in America will address this or call our leaders to task.

With all the strict gun control laws in California, gun-related crime has not decreased.  But, Gov. Brown still doesn’t “get it.”  Instead, he blames other States that have nothing to do with any policy in California.  He ignores the porous US borders admitting illegal alien invaders that Border Patrol cannot confirm identities these people give them.  Again, Gov. Brown ignores the gang infiltration of the US, in particular California, the fact the US ran guns to Mexican drug cartels under Fast and Furious, and the Obama administration importing unvetted individuals from the Middle East into this country — with authorities confirming there exists little information to research in order to vet these individuals.

Naturally, when these individuals enter our country, they have no criminal record in the US nor is there evidence of criminal activity from their country of origin.  Our government cannot be sure the identities these people give them are real or contrived.  With California and other States issuing driver’s licenses to illegals and unvetted imported individuals, it would stand to reason they would be able to pass a background check.

So, again, how does more gun control laws or stricter background checks fix that?  It doesn’t.  It is an issue Brown and this administration ignores.  These are issues that even the media doesn’t question these politicians about who make these statements.  Why?

At a time when Americans are under great threat, Brown, along with his Democrat cronies and Obama, call for ever more gun control, which would do nothing to prevent criminals and those with criminal intent from obtaining firearms.  What gun control does is limit law-abiding citizens’ right to protect themselves and to bear arms uninfringed.

If gun control worked so well, how come guns are still making their way into Australia and France?  Simple, criminals and those with criminal intent do not follow laws and will find a way to circumvent them.  But, no politician or those with an agenda will discuss any of the issues discussed here.  How different would the incident in San Bernardino have been if several individuals had been exercising their Second Amendment right by carrying a firearm?  Who knows;  but, at least the 14 dead and 21 wounded would have stood a fighting chance.


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