Former Congressman Rants Against Islam; Dares Attorney General to Prosecute

After the San Bernardino shooting by two followers of Islam, Loretta Lynch spoke at the 10th Anniversary dinner of Muslim Advocates.  In her speech, Lynch stated that any actions by any individuals predicated on anti-Islam rhetoric would be prosecuted.  Walsh, who served in Congress from 2011 to 2013, took to Facebook in an epic video rant along with a text post filled with strong language.

The former representative from Illinois stated in his video, “I think Islam has a real problem, alright?  There is a cancer in Islam, and they’re not going to learn to assimilate.  I don’t want them in this country.”

“You got a problem, Loretta Lynch, with me saying that?  Then throw me in jail,” Walsh, a conservative talk show host, argued.  “I think Islam is evil.  I think Islam has a huge problem.  I think most Muslims around the world are not compatible with American values.  I don’t want them here.”

It might not be a surprise to find that many Americans may feel the same as Walsh, unless Americans are still asleep.

At the dinner, Lynch stated, “When we talk about the First Amendment, we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American.  They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted.”

It seems individuals like Louis Farrakhan missed Lynch’s memo.  Not long ago, Farrakhan called for 10,000 black volunteers to rise up and kill white people.  Since that call to action, videos have surfaced of blacks bullying whites and in some cases, beating whites.  Yet, Lynch has not pushed very hard to prosecute those individuals or take prosecutorial action against them.

Lynch’s invocation of the First Amendment is meant to do only one thing — silence those who speak with truth and fact regarding Islam in case someone use that as an excuse for their own poor choice in personal action.  Regardless of whether an individual uses the excuse of listening to someone else’s rhetoric as the reason for action, the action was the choice of the individual, who should take the responsibility for their actions.

While Congress has made no law restricting the freedom of speech, Obama and his lackey Lynch seek to do so through precedent.

Walsh, in his Facebook video, spoke the truth about Islam, as well as his textual remarks accompanying the video.  Truth is truth;  facts are facts and Islam is Islam.

“Any Muslim that is a terrorist or supports terrorism should be killed,” Walsh wrote.  “If ‘Moderate’ Muslims don’t speak out against terrorism, they are our enemy and we should call them out and kick them out of this country.”

“Is that ‘anti-Muslim rhetoric’ that ‘edges toward violence’,” he continued.  “Go ahead and prosecute me.  I dare you.”

If Lynch is willing to prosecute someone for action taken against a follower of Islam because of the freedom of speech, one wonders if Lynch is willing to do the same when an action is taken against a Christian because of rhetoric.  More than likely, she is not.

Lynch stated, “My message not just to the Muslim community but to all Americans is:  we cannot give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.”

Remember, this woman is speaking to the Muslim community after followers of Islam attacked individuals at an office Christmas party killing 14 and wounding 21.  Who perpetrated an act against whom after hearing rhetoric?  Yet, Lynch, like her master Hussein Obama, stands with Muslims.

Moreover, how many attacks have been perpetrated against Muslims by non-Muslim Americans versus attacks by Muslims against non-Muslim Americans?

The Qu’ran commands followers of Islam to “kill the infidel,” “lie to the infidel when necessary,” and “not to take the infidel for a friend.”  Likewise, the teachings of their prophet Mohammed, may pig’s blood be thrown upon him and a ham placed in his mouth, command men to beat their wives, take women as slaves, marry children and commit pedophilia.  Mohammed was a pedophile, a warmonger, a thief, a misogynist and a murderer.

These are values antithetical to American values and principles.  The theocratic system of Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution.  Yet, the majority of American Muslims support the institution of Sharia law in America — law that is in opposition to American laws.

If Lynch intends to make good on her rhetoric spouted at the Muslim dinner, one can guess the nature and reason for FEMA camps the federal government has constructed and the guillotines the federal government has attained.  After all, this president and his lackeys have elevated the religion of Islam above everything and everyone else — establishing a preferred religion through precedent instead of law.



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