Democrats in Congress Urge Supreme Court to Reinstate Obamnesty

In an stellar display of intelligence, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV) filed a brief with the Supreme Court urging the justices to “overturn a lower court ruling and reinstate” Obama’s unconstitutional, illegal, unilateral amnesty.  This comes on the heels of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, where 14 people were murdered and another 21 wounded.  Pelosi and Reid lead the 218 Congressional Democrats who contend that Congress intended for Obama to have a sweeping power over granting stays of deportation and leeway in enforcing the laws.

According to the Washington Times:

“The patterns of immigration are subject to swiftly changing circumstances, and the executive is better situated to respond to those changes and to redirect resources as necessary,” the 218 Democrats said in a brief filed by Ken Salazar, a lawyer who previously served as both a senate and in the executive branch as a member of President Obama’s cabinet.

In 2014, Obama unilaterally declared amnesty and a change to the law since Congress had failed to enact legislation he wanted.

So, the golfing president, the “I know when you know as I get it from the news” president, and the “I’m a constitutional lawyer but don’t know the Constitution” president is in a better position to respond to “swiftly changing circumstances” where patterns of immigration are concerned.  One would hardly think so.  And, the US Constitution does not give “provisional” authority to the president when Congress does not enact legislation a president wants.  Congress has not the authority to delegate its constitutional powers to the president since Congress derived its powers from the States and the people.  Any power assumed from one branch of government it was not authorized by the Constitution to exert is a usurpation of power deserving of the violators to be removed from office and tried according to the law.

The executive branch is charged with “ensuring the laws are faithfully executed.”  Since Congress has passed laws concerning immigration under the authority of the Constitution, no other branch of government can assume to ignore the law or change the law.  Doing so would be illegal, unlawful, and outside the tenet of authority given to the other branches in the Constitution.  Likewise, no president should be issuing any “deferred action” regarding illegal alien invaders when it comes to deportation.  The president should be ensuring the agency charged with executing the law is faithfully doing so.  Instead, Obama instructs agencies and heads of agencies and departments to violate the law — laws constitutionally passed by Congress.

Reagan had the wool pulled over his eyes by Congress when he awarded amnesty or issued “deferred action” and said as much in admitting his mistake.

It matters not how these illegal aliens arrived in the nation or under what circumstances.  The immigration law has been violated and violators should be punished.  The law either means something or it doesn’t.  Why do violators of immigration law get a pass and amnesty while violators of other laws receive punishment?  The law is the law.  Why are these people more deserving of a “get out of jail free” card when citizens who violate IRS laws get punished.  What makes one law greater than another when it comes to enforcement?  Nothing.  All should be enforced unless the law violates the Constitution.

In a not so surprising stance, the (In) Justice Department is encouraging the Supreme Court to hear the case and to “speed up the process” in hearing it.  Lawlessness upon lawlessness is the legacy of this administration.  And, with the precedents set, future administrations will continue the lawlessness.

While Americans see, hear and complain about the corrupt administration and corrupt Congress, along with all government departments and agencies, Americans still take no action — those who are awake as well as those who are asleep.  Congress does not take heed to the wants of their constituents and have long since abandoned their commitment to their oath of office.  Until Americans get their belly full of bull crap, we all will remain comfortable in the mess the federal government continues to make.

Unfortunately, the American people will have to clean up the mess.  It’s better to clean house before it gets so nasty you want to move or before the lack of ability to clean it results in a take over of the house renders it condemned.


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