Why Hasn’t the Media Asked a Few Good Questions

In light of the attacks in San Bernardino and Obama’s parading in front of the media to promote gun control, one has to wonder why the media isn’t asking a few good questions.  The lame stream enemedia asks questions about the culprits, the victims, and what the authorities know or don’t know regarding the terroristic act.  But, there are many questions no one is asking.

For instance, the NSA has been hoovering every bit of communication date from every individual in the United States, and in some cases, several countries abroad.  With all this activity to prevent terrorist attacks in our nation, how did they miss this?  Americans were told the PATRIOT Act with it tenets would protect Americans from terroristic acts and the NDAA would assist further in deterrence.  The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies should have been all over this prior to the attack.  Surely, these individuals left a footprint in the communication sand for these agencies to follow.  Yet, no one knew so now they are investigating to see if it was actually a terrorist attack, which it was.

The FBI claims they are not aware of any further attacks at this time and has to refrain from widespread surveillance due to the limits imposed on domestic spying.  Is anyone in the media paying attention or are they sleeping through these circuses of press conferences while asking the organizational approved questions?  Doesn’t this sound like the Boston Marathon bombing incident all over again?  The citizens of this nation have suffered the indignant collection of every piece of communication data generated;  yet, the FBI claims they can’t engage in widespread surveillance.  Well, the NSA has done the leg work for them so the FBI doesn’t have to do anything except comb through the data.  The agency will then come out to declare, “we had the data on these two but without the NSA hoovering, we would not.”

How convenient.

Interesting the media is even discussing the vetting process on the female culprit.  The White House claims the vetting procedure is rigorous and the vetting process for the Syrian refugees will be even more rigorous.  So, how did this one individual skirt under the radar?  Well, it seems the records against which our government checks in other nations are not as comprehensive to properly clear individuals to enter our nation.  Yet, we are to believe our government agencies can accurately vet anyone from any other nation.

And, why are our borders, both northern and southern, still open?  Better yet, why is our government flying in barely vetted refugees using UPS planes under cover?  Why are individuals with questionable backgrounds and identities allowed to even enter this nation?

The news has covered the fake passports found in the various European nations, the disappearance of 14,000 Muslims in Sweden that were scheduled to be deported, and the rise in crime in Germany and France perpetrated at the hands of the massive invasion force dubbed refugees.  Yet, the media asks no hard questions of the Obama administration.  How does this administration or any government agency know the identity given to them by that individual is the actual identity of that individual who is entering our country?

Congress is even silent on this as they continue to allow Obama to violate the duly passed legislation on immigration.  Why has not one individual in the lame stream media even asked questions of Congress on the “free reign” they give Obama when it comes to “refugees” and immigration?

And, who exactly are these individuals, mostly Muslim, requesting refuge from?   Why are these Muslims fleeing from an Islamic organization such as ISIS that seeks to establish a caliphate the majority of Muslims claim to want?   Why are they fleeing Syria in the face of ISIS entering to “save” all from the secular government of Assad?

It’s time the lame stream media quit drinking the Obama propaganda Kool-aid and ask some more in-depth questions.  It’s time they pegged this administration and this government for it’s role in creating ISIS and the fall out because of it.


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