The Land of the Oversensitive and Entitled

Once the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” America can now be described as the “land of the oversensitive and home of the entitled.”  Colleges and universities nationwide are implementing “free speech zones,” to avoid the offending of students.  Students request class content have “trigger warnings” to denote content that might “trigger” an episode of flashback or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Pick any word and someone will find offense in it.

Phrases uttered will have someone denote it as offensive.  The names of sports teams, used since the organization was established, are now offensive and people petition to have the names changed.  Be careful using anything creative to more accurately describe something as someone will declare it offensive, disrespectful, or out of line.

Growing up in America as citizens, we learned the history of our founding — how our nation was organized.  Each State in America is a sovereign State.  The Constitution created the three branches of the creature federal government — legislative, executive, and judicial — to conduct business, common to all States, on behalf of each of the States.  The States accepted the delegation of enumerated powers to the creature federal government in order that the common interests of the States had uniformity.  For example, immigration and naturalization laws fall under the authority of the legislative branch, uniform commercial system (weights, measurements, currency, etc.) treaties authorized by the Constitution and international trade and commerce, etc.  The organization of the States into one nation is a cooperative or union with a central entity delegated limited authority to conduct business on the States’ behalf.

This cooperative of States became designated the United States of America.  However, the “United States of America” has come to represent the bureaucratic corporate oligarchy, also known as the federal government.  Our original organization of the joining of sovereign States into a cooperative over a submissive federal government inverted — the federal government now exerts power over the States, essentially refusing to recognize individual State sovereignty.  Because of this inversion, the use of “united States” and “united States of America” have entered the venue of many of my articles as a reminder that States are sovereign over the creature federal government.  To shorten this, the abbreviation “uS” or “uSA” appears in the articles when appropriate.

Unfortunately, some have found this offensive and disrespectful;  mainly, it is about four or five military service veterans.  Of course, accusations flew and these few demanded an apology.  One hopes they are not holding their breath in anticipation.

Since there are many former military in my family and there are friends who are currently serving, the use of “uS” and “uSA” was discussed with them in order to find out if any offense or disrespect materialized in their review of articles previously written.  As it turns out, none of these individuals perceived any offense or disrespect.  In fact, these individuals felt it more aptly applied to the nation as a whole for various reasons.

Is the use of these abbreviations now, considering the atmosphere of our country, truly disrespectful and offensive to our founding and the men who framed our Constitution?  That is left for each individual to decide on their own.  But, take in consideration this nation is now divided on every classification that can be applied to the people and the States.

Watching someone on YouTube wipe their backside with the flag is disgusting, offensive and disrespectful.  Shouting “Death to America,” as some in the Middle East have done, is disrespectful.  Is burning the American Flag more or less disrespectful and offensive as the abbreviations “uS” or “uSA?”  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright stating, “Instead of God Bless America, I say God **** America,” is the epitome of disrespect and offense.  Individuals trying to usurp the founding of this nation by “fundamentally” changing our structure from a constitutional republic to a despotic dictatorship are probably less offensive and disrespectful than using a differing abbreviation, according to some.

In fact, supporting a bureaucratic political oligarchy appears to be the expected behavior even though Congress, Obama and his administration deserve no respect at all.  It is offensive to me that Congress would rather serve non-citizens, unvetted refugees, Obama, corporations and the wealthy elite than the constituents who elected them to office with limited financial resources.  Right now, it is offensive that any individual made a career out of being a “politician” and engages in activities that trample individual God-given rights.

Forget that the First Amendment protects political speech — even creative speech one does not like;  individuals believe they are “entitled” to an apology when a few find “offense.”  While wiping one’s backside with this nation’s flag or burning it is disrespectful, somehow courts determined it is protected speech.  No one is “entitled” to an apology if offended by free speech because of any service to this nation, or any myriad of other reasons.  I thank all veterans and those currently serving for their selflessness in serving this nation.  It would seem the energy extended in expressing extreme offense over the use of abbreviations making a statement, not intended to be derogatory but descriptive, would be better served if directed toward truly disrespectful, offensive acts and words.





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