Obama’s Mental Illness and the 25th Amendment

Some days, reading the news produces much frustration, anger and resentment that it is best to leave it lay as the head-shaking, fist-pounding and feet-stamping cause my poor little companion, who is now suffering congestive heart failure, to rise from her sleep, running throughout the house barking incessantly.  It doesn’t do my blood pressure any good either and I have excellent blood pressure.  From watching this administration and Congress through all their shenanigans, it is obvious every person in Congress, the Obama administration and the alphabet agency department heads have some type of mental disorder.  The mental disorders vary;  but, it is evident, in their very actions, these people epitomize the phrase, “the patients are running the asylum.”

The main mental disorder coming from the piece of straw occupying the Oval Office is none other than Mythomania or psuedological fantastica.  Those are fancy names for habitual pathological liars.  According to much of the literature, this disorder, also known as Pathological Lying Disorder, is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-IV).  However, many psychiatrists and psychologists consider this problem a distinct mental disorder.  While Mythomania can be a symptom of other mental illnesses, the defining characteristic of Mythomania as a separate mental illness is the person cannot help lying even when the lie causes harm.  This type of lying is more than a habit, as in compulsive lying, or a “white lie” told to spare someone’s feelings.  It is a regular type of lying, without compunction, to achieve a desired goal or outcome.

Review these characteristics of Mythomania and compare them to the innumerable lies told by Obama.

  • the lies often have some element of truth and are not entirely improbable, a manifestation of delusion or psychosis; and if confronted, the individual can, even unwillingly, admit truth;
  • the tendency is long-lasting, unprovoked by social pressure or an immediate situation as it is an innate personality trait;
  • there is a definite internal motive, not external, for the behavior;
  • the fabrications tend to project the liar in a favorable light.

This disorder is more than the covering your backside type that has been witnessed by some in Washington.

Mythomaniacs or pathological liars, lie to get their own way, frequently change their stories and get defensive when asked.  These types of individuals care not for the truth as they do not value truth.  Of course, pathological lying is also a symptom of antisocial personality disorder (psychopath) and narcissistic personality disorder.

In reviewing the characteristics of Mythomania, it becomes obvious that Obama is a mythomaniac along with being a psychopath, narcissist and a sociopath.  Follow the links and look at the diagnostic criteria and come to your own conclusion.  Many have called Obama a narcissist and a liar, which is true.  However, his personality trait disorders go further than the superficial meaning given to being a narcissist (self-absorbed) and a liar (telling falsehoods).

As the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together,” so it would make sense that Obama would surround himself with those most like him and those most like him would flock to support him.  Ergo, many members of Congress, who back Obama constantly, exhibit some of the same traits.  Think Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, along with almost every Democrat in the Senate.  The rule of law has gone out the window in Washington.  As in antisocial personality disorder, the violations of law by Obama and members of Congress are a typical symptom.

Let us look at the facts.  There is a man in the White House who does not need to be leading this country due to his numerous mental disorders.  Similarly, there are members of Congress who do not need to be in Congress because of the same mental disorders.

We have a modern day Hitler in the White House, whether it is believed or not.  When Hitler rose to power in Germany, no psychiatrist or psychologist would dare step up to the plate to declare Hitler a mentally ill individual.  It would mean their lives.  If there had been ten (10) psychiatrists in Germany declare Hitler mentally ill, another ten (10) would say he was mentally stable.  Unfortunately, this is what the United States is facing.  Members of the Nazi party on trial in Nuremberg trial used the excuse of “we were just following orders” or we were doing what we were told.”  Those engaged in perpetrating this ruse on the American people will use this same mantra of “we were just following orders,” just as those on trial in Nuremberg claimed.

Are those in military service bound to blindly follow orders?  Do you follow someone who is mentally ill because they hold a title superior to yours when evidence is blatant that person suffers from mental illness?  As a junior officer can remove a commanding officer for mental compromise or incapacity, should not the same be true of those individuals sitting in Congress or the Presidential office?

When John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960, many had reservations because Kennedy suffered from Addison’s Disease.  Kennedy’s doctors denied it, hushed it up and the issue was dropped;   but, history now records the fact that Kennedy suffered from Addison’s disease.  The concern stemmed from the moodiness, irritability and depression that makes up some of the symptoms of Addison’s, along with the dose of steroid medication Kennedy was administered daily. Kennedy’s opponents were rightly concerned since any president should be as physically, mentally and emotionally fit and stable as possible due to the nature of the job.  One would not want a “hot head” in a position to “push the button” on a nuclear arsenal because the head of a foreign nation irked him.  Neither would one want a president who suffered a physical ailment with a symptom of “mental impairment” that would jeopardize decision-making capability or affect mental capacity.

As many recognize, the man occupying the Oval Office is using the Alinsky playbook, along with many other tactics to achieve his goals.  He follows the mantra the “ends justify the means.”  Disregarding the playbook and mantra, using only the diagnostic criteria of the previously listed mental disorders, one concludes it takes a person with these mental disorders to increase exponentially the rate at which the playbook is implemented to achieve a totalitarian government.  The American public should be able to see this.  Unfortunately, the government has bribed many individuals with “free” services and money.  Moreover, “special groups,” to which many individuals identify themselves, receive elevated status so they refuse to see it or they themselves support totalitarianism.

Individuals are frequently denied positions or removed from positions because of being “unfit.”  In fact, many mothers have lost their children because someone, rightly or wrongly, declared them “unfit.”

Using the criteria found in Section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment — Obama is incapable of performing his duties as President due to the evidence of mental defect, Congress and those in official positions can remove Obama from office;  but, these charlatans refuse to follow the Constitution since many suffer the same disorders as Obama.




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