Obama Claims ISIS Not a Threat; Then Attacks occur in San Bernardino

Appearing on CBS News with Norah O’Donnell, Obama claimed, “ISIL is not going to pose an existential threat to us.”  He said that although ISIS was a “dangerous organization,”  national security had been strengthened under his administration.  The interview was recorded on Wednesday and aired this morning.  Right after the interview on Wednesday, terrorists attacked in San Bernardino.

This gets ten pinocchios.

The southern and northern borders of the United States are as wide open as can be.  Tens of thousands of illegal alien invaders are crossing into this nation unimpeded by Border Patrol and assisted by the Obama administration.  Now, Obama has “decreed” that the importation of 100,000 Syrian refugees per year, mostly Muslims, will commence whether anyone likes it or not.  None of these individuals entering this nation illegally are able to be vetted or checked for illicit and criminal activities, much less any act of terrorism.

Obama said in the interview, “We have hardened our defenses, our homeland has never been more protected by more effective intelligence and law enforcement professionals at every level than they are now.”

Supposedly, all the spying on individuals in this nation occurred based on the premise of gathering intelligence to prevent any terrorist attack against the US or any US citizen.  By Obama’s standard, this has been accomplished since he classifies incidents like this one as “workplace violence.”  One can assume by “more effective law enforcement professionals” he means border agents who are told to stand down regarding intercepting illegal alien invaders and city and county law enforcement agencies who cannot adequately perform their duties for fear of retribution upon accusations of “racism” where none exists.

Breitbart reported the White House extended the interview after the news of the attack  was reported to allow Obama to address the incident termed a “mass shooting incident.”

Obama’s response was telling.  He admitted there was always a possibility of an attack while encouraging Americans to feel safe.  Yet, this man steps out in front of the microphones and cameras to chastise law-abiding gun owners and push for gun control, which always leads to confiscation.

In classic Obama response, he told the cameras, “The American people should feel confident that we’re going to be able to defend ourselves and make sure we have a good holiday season and go about our lives.”  He stressed that Americans should not respond out of fear, but respond properly.

This from a man who has 24/7/365 armed bodyguards in the form of Secret Service agents to protect him.  Exactly what is the proper response to a terrorist attack, if it isn’t fear?  Anger?  Sympathy?  Joy?

“I’ve said this repeatedly overseas, ISIL wins only if we react out of fear and start changing how we live, violating our values,” Obama claimed.

Well, if that is the case, Obama should explain why after every incident such as this he parades out calling for more gun control.  Is that not a reaction out of fear?  Isn’t infringing on the Second Amendment that states clearly, shall not be infringed, changing and violating American values?

“They can’t win on the battlefield.  They can kill some innocent people but that’s not a victory for them if we respond appropriately.”

Obama didn’t get the memo that someone forgot to tell ISIS they are not being victorious as they occupy swaths of land in Iraq and Syria while perpetrating genocide against non-Muslims and raking in billions through stolen oil.  Whatever happened to the mantra “not one more” or “if it saves one child?”  The mythomaniac is at it again as the lame stream enemedia propaganda arm of Hussein fails to call him out on his hypocrisy.

Before Putin put the military strength in Syria against ISIS, ISIS expanded unfettered by the efforts of our military under the Obama administration.  The world may think our military and military leaders incompetent;  however, that would be wrong.  Hopefully, the world along with the majority of Americans see this as the treasonous activities of a traitor — Barack Hussein Obama.


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  1. Let’s hope we can and that individual uphold their oath of office. Still, Congress holds the power to impeach and won’t. It may be with the way things are going this nation won’t see a 2016 election.


  2. Obama has abandoned the American people.

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