The Tyranny Clock

For many Americans, the Doomsday Clock has been around since before they were born and they can only imagine life without it.  As recently as January 2013, the clock has been set to 5 minutes to midnight, meaning the world is close to global disaster.  In looking at this measure of global unrest, the world draws closer to the point of no return.  But, could this same measurement of the point of no return be applied to the problems of the United States?

Since taking office, Obama has inched ever closer to eradicating God-given rights and dissolving the Constitution.  America has seen the administration talk punitive measures for freedom of speech.  Officials trash the Fourth Amendment with the 100-mile border/coastal “Fourth Amendment Free Zones” or more aptly described as “Constitution-free zones.”  Spying on law-abiding citizens continues despite exposure of the government’s unconstitutional practices and passage of the USA Freedom Act.  The Fifth Amendment is dangerously close to eradication. Our creature, the Federal government, presides over the States, meaning sovereignty of the States become myth.  The Second Amendment is under more vigorous attack than at any other time in history, especially with contrived and instigated mass shooting incidents occurring more frequently.   Obama uses executive order power to enact “law,” unconstitutionally.  According to the US Constitution, the president is charged with “ensuring the laws are faithfully executed.”   The creature federal government headed by the Obama administration considers Christians, pro-life advocates, pro-Second Amendment advocates, pro-Constitution supporters, climate change deniers and conservatives “extremists” and classifies individuals in these groups as “terrorists.”    Open violence is acceptable when perpetrated against whites and Christians while the administration protects the pseudo-religion of Islam.  At times, peaceful assembly and protest are reasons for arrest and detainment.  Gone is the right to petition the government for redress of have grievances. The economy of the United States, as well as the rest of the world, teeters close to collapse.

The scandals that have rocked this administration are numerous and remain unaddressed.  There is Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups, Benghazi attack, and NSA spying to name a few. The administration and those involved stall Congress, displaying a defiance to cooperate with investigations and exhibiting an arrogant attitude toward the congressional committee members daring to question the administration.  Obama has rendered Congress almost impotent in its investigative and legislative powers – castrated to the point of negligence and dereliction of duty.  The race card is tattered, dog-eared, faded and torn after being played so many times from Obama and other organizations.

Obamacare, amnesty, the lack of immigration law enforcement and importation of unvetted individuals, dubbed refugees, moves America closer to the brink of destruction.  The administration’s continued support of terrorist organizations in the Middle East and at home place the country in danger from all sides.  ISIS remains on the move, committing genocide against non-Muslims.  Rhetoric on the farce of climate change increases with the result being a “war on coal” and evermore encroaching regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency. The unchecked unilateral actions of Obama in all areas have brought tyranny and oppression closer in our nation.  We are watching The Tyranny Clock;  and, folks, it is ticking.

For America, the Tyranny Clock can mirror the Doomsday Clock in its time keeping, based not on global events to destruction, but national events that bring our country ever closer to the loss of our constitutional republic and freedom.  Essentially, the Tyranny Clock started in the 1900s with the empowerment of the progressives.  Just like the Doomsday Clock, the Tyranny Clock should have been initially set at seven minutes to midnight, signaling Americans to pay close attention to the changes being made at all levels of government.  Without the established of a Tyranny Clock when progressives were empowered, Americans fell into a false sense of security.  Who could have predicted the steady, long-term planned goals established then would culminate into what is happening today?

It is past time to establish the Tyranny Clock in order to encourage citizens of this nation maintain vigilance over the federal government that oversteps its authority daily.  Whether recognized or not, tyranny, oppression and chaos are on the horizon.   With the current events taking place in this nation and around the world, the Tyranny Clock and the Doomsday Clock are close to midnight — the hour of destruction.

Wake up America – before the alarm goes off!



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