Hello and Welcome! As a former professional registered nurse turned writer, Freedom Outpost granted me an opportunity to write the first article in a public venue roughly two and a half years ago.   I have since been contributing to Sons of Liberty Media and DC Clothesline as well.  This is the first blog I have attempted so please bear with me as I master the format.

I focus mainly on political opinion and editorial pieces centered around current news stories appearing in mainstream media, which I sometimes refer to as lamestream enemedia, and other alternative news media sites.  As you read my articles, you will discern the stance I take in viewing events and issues.  Political correctness is not a virtue to which I subscribe.  Neither is apologizing for my creative use of terms or subject matter.  If you are offended and/or looking for an apology for any use of terms or subject matter, you are free to leave this site as no apology will ever be forthcoming or make comments.

I do respond to comments on occasion in a straight forward respectful manner.  I stick to the subject matter at hand and will refrain from “shooting the messenger.”  In the areas of writing political op-ed, there are always those who disagree with a particular point of view or those who choose to personally attack the author of those pieces as well as others who comment.  Healthy discussion is always productive and serves to enlighten each of us to different points regarding the issues faced in America today.  Even with productive exchange, opinions may not change at which point in time the “agree to disagree” position is taken.  Toxic comments directed toward the author containing “colorful” language, insults or other infractions will not receive a response.

The Information and Resources page will contain sites used to reinforce the position I take as well as provide those who visit an opportunity to review those sites for educational purposes.

Thank you for your interest in this site.


About Suzanne Hamner

Former professional Registered Nurse turned writer; equal opportunity criticizer; politically incorrect conservative;
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