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Happy New Year

Today is New Year’s Eve.  It is time once again to celebrate the heralding of a new year.  Many are planning to spend the evening with friends at parties to “ring in the baby New Year,” while others will trek … Continue reading

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Evangelical Pastor Tells Christians “You Have No Right to Bear Arms” Biblically

As we approach the changeover to a new year, Americans have broken all gun sales records ever made. Citizens recognize the growing threat perpetrated by the Obama administration, arming themselves in preparation to defend their families, themselves and  their property.  … Continue reading

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US Treasury Set to Impose Sanctions; Iran in Violation of Nuclear Deal

When the Iran Nuclear Agreement or deal bounced around the empty heads of the Keystone Kop negotiators, Iran got busy violating the agreement as Hussein Obama and John “Swiftboat” Kerry sucked a pacifier made from one of the Ayatollah’s camels. … Continue reading

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Chicago to Arm Police with More Tasers; Also Dedicated to Improve Communication during Encounters

The mainstream media has run stories about encounters with law enforcement officers resulting in the officer shooting the civilian that cast these officers in a bad light before a full investigation is completed.  Protesters, as well, parade out condemning the officer while … Continue reading

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Liberal Professor Extends “Gift” to White Americans — “You Are a Racist by Merely Being White”

Liberal professors emerged from the holly bush right before Christmas to write letters to, in their opinion, the “uneducated” masses in order to guide us into more appeasing actions. Professor Terri Susan Fine wanted to eradicate the phrases, “Merry Christmas” … Continue reading

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Democrat Senator Calls for Additional Taxes to Finance Conflict against ISIS

It’s a long time running joke that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. In all honesty, it isn’t a joke;  but a verifiable truth.  All living things, including man, die and the federal government taxes its citizens … Continue reading

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It’s New Year’s Again; But Make Commitments Instead of Resolutions

Taking a bit of time away from the daily routine because of the Christmas holidays really can put one behind on the news, while at the same time making it difficult to return to that routine with New Year’s around … Continue reading

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Another Poll to Question Where in the World these Results Came From

Someone once told me that ignorance is curable through education; however, when it came to stupid, there was absolutely no hope whatsoever in correcting it.  Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of ignorance and a pandemic of stupid in America today.  … Continue reading

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NYC Enacts Fines of Up to $250,000 for Accurately Referring to Drag Queens

This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost. In a previous article, “NYC to Enact Legal Consequences for Using Wrong Pronoun with Transgenders,” the government of New York City, headed by Mayor Bill De Blasio, indicated individuals could suffer legal consequences … Continue reading

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New York City to Establish Laws on Use of Pronouns involving Transgenders; Violaters will Suffer Legal Consequences

This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost. The united States has reached a critical time in its existence as a nation. Our founding fathers recognized the self-evident truths whereby these men declared independence from a monarch in order to found … Continue reading

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